Cashew butters

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100% cashew butter

Cashew butters are one of the most popular nut butters. They have gained popularity due to their sweet taste, which easily matches flavored nut creams, and without a gram of sugar or other extra additives.

Ingredients of cashew butter

Before they are ground, cashew nuts undergo a gentle roasting process that further develops and enhances their flavour. An even more delicious taste of the butter can be achieved through the so‑called activation of the nuts. Cashew butter made from activated nuts is thus considerably sweeter and less bitter than conventional cashew butter. 100% cashew butter:

  • Contains approx. 15 g of protein per 100 g,
  • has a higher carbohydrate content,
  • is a source of healthy fats,
  • contains vitamins and minerals - magnesium, zinc and copper.

Uses of cashew butter

Cashew butters are most commonly used in breakfast cereals or puddings, and are also suitable for flavouring cottage cheese, yoghurt or protein. Cashew creams also find their use in baking cakes or cookies, in Asian recipes, or as a vegan substitute for cream.