Savoury spices ⁠–⁠ advantageous package of spices from organic farming

Savoury spices ⁠–⁠ advantageous package of spices from organic farming

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Vilgain Savoury spices - a packet of spices without preservatives for all spicy food lovers

Vilgain Chilli should undoubtedly be the number 1 spice when you decide to make spicy dishes. It has a typical spicy taste and is suitable for Indian, Chinese and South American cuisine. It is ideal in stews, sauces and for seasoning meat.

Vilgain White pepper is a black pepper berry stripped of its skin with a mildly spicy flavour and aroma. It is therefore suitable for cream sauces, fish, spreads or homemade dressings.

Vilgain Whole black pepper is obtained by fermenting unripe black pepper berries and has a typical spicy taste and distinctive aroma. Use the whole peppercorns to flavour countless sauces and soups, or pop them in a spice grinder to open the door to flavouring other dishes.

Vilgain Ground black pepper is the finely ground berries of the aforementioned black pepper tree. So you don't have to worry about grinding it by hand and can quickly flavour all sorts of dishes with it.

Vilgain Spicy spices in points:

  • Organic quality spices
  • mild to really spicy and aromatic taste
  • free of preservatives, colourings and flavourings
  • Country of origin: Spain