Alex Hrčková

Alex Hrčková

Favourite products

Vilgain Granola ⁠–⁠ honest pieces of muesli and nuts, baked in large clusters for a nutritious breakfast
Maple pecan 400 g
9,99 €
Vilgain Cashew Butter ⁠–⁠ 100% hot air roasted nut butter with no added sugar or salt
Smooth cashew nuts 350 g
9,99 €
Vilgain Chicory syrup ⁠–⁠ natural sweetener with fibre and minimal sugar
350 g
5,99 €
Vilgain Sandwich Bread ⁠–⁠ 100% natural, fluffy, whole wheat toast bread, only 7 ingredients
370 g
2,99 €
Vilgain Gluten Free 1 Minute Oats ⁠–⁠ ultra creamy whole wheat flakes from Finland, ready in under a minute
500 g
1,99 €
Vilgain Organic goji berries dried ⁠–⁠ superfood without added sugar, unsulphured, rich in vitamins
150 g
5,79 €
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It didn't take me long to eat it all.. Honey with sea salt is a mega combination for me.

Yum those chocolate chip cookies are delicious. The kind of cookies you'd eat with your coffee. For me a very tasty snack!

There are no flakes like flakes.🥣 Even if I give a smaller amount they puff up beautifully and make them really voluminous. They are so soft and fluffy. 😊

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