Sophie Šarláková

Sophie Šarláková

Favourite products

Edible Cookie Dough ⁠–⁠ delicious cookie dough filled with ground nuts and Finnish flakes that you can eat straight from the jar
Peanut butter chocolate chip 350 g
11,99 €
Plant Protein Candy Bar ⁠–⁠ high nut content, 20% vegetable protein, chocolate coating
45 g
1,99 €
Dried Mango slices ⁠–⁠ juicy, without added sugar, unsulphured
200 g
5,99 €
Organic Japan Matcha ⁠–⁠ powder for the preparation of a drink rich in antioxidants
50 g
8,99 €
1 Minute Oatmeal ⁠–⁠ super creamy, high fibre content, 100% natural taste
Sour cherry and poppy 350 g
6,49 €
Organic Mini Cookies ⁠–⁠ gluten-free oat biscuits full of nuts and chocolate
Cashews, chocolate and walnuts 100 g
2,99 €
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Absolutely great porridge! No need to add dried fruit or nuts either krém🫶🏼

Nová fav comfy hoodie

The most popular sweatshirt!

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