Denča Michnová

Denča Michnová

Favourite products

9,99 €
Granola – maple pecan 400 g ⁠–⁠ large pieces of baked muesli with nuts, carefully handmade
9,99 €
Organic Sprouted Sweet Nuts – Cashew with Caramel 200 g ⁠–⁠ super creamy, flavoured with natural ingredients and full of nuts
2,59 €
Organic Fusilli Red Lentil – 250 g ⁠–⁠ protein-rich red lentil pasta
5,99 €
Organic Cocoa butter – 250 g ⁠–⁠ for the preparation of homemade organic chocolate and fragrant beauty bath
6,99 €
Organic Roasted White Almond Butter – smooth almonds 180 g ⁠–⁠ velvety soft cream, 100% blanched almonds
13,29 €
Vanilla Extract Bourbon – 20 ml ⁠–⁠ fragrant bourbon vanilla from Madagascar
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I've never eaten such a smooth hazelnut cream. One spoonful is never enough for me, it's an addiction!

The pasta cooks well and quickly. They are naturally gluten free and I love that they contain so much protein. For me it's a hit! And definitely suitable for kids too.

Cocoa butter is a superfood that you will appreciate both in the kitchen and in your skin care. For me, it's an all-rounder. I love to make cocoa creams and now healthy cookies at Christmas too.

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