Vlastik Výstup

Vlastik Výstup


A very good and nutritious snack!The beauty of simplicity is that it contains a few basic ingredients - quality beef, cashew nuts, prunes and spices. A great idea for meat lovers! The bar is tender, juicy and full of nutrients. I recommend it! 🥩

Reliable kick 💪 Ideal pre-workout if you work out in the evening or in the afternoon and want to give your workout your best, even if you are tired. 🌙 It REALLY perked me up during my workout and I was able to sleep well afterwards! As for the taste, this orange flavor is very pleasant for some maybe slightly sour , but that's mainly the citrulline content. The important thing is that it does not taste artificial.

Brilliant product, especially when I want a tasty meal in minutes with minimal effort, I always reach for the pizza base. 🍕Preparation is quick, we throw what we feel like on it and within 15 minutes we have a perfectly balanced meal without unnecessary "ethics and preservatives" The only fault is that it gets eaten quickly 😂

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