Vlastik Výstup

Vlastik Výstup

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3,99 €
Beef Bar – salt/pepper 50 g ⁠–⁠ beef protein bar made from premium Czech meat and nuts
29,99 €
Grass-Fed Whey Protein – 1000 g ⁠–⁠ ultra-filtered at low temperatures and naturally sweetened whey protein
9,99 €
Granola – maple pecan 400 g ⁠–⁠ large pieces of baked muesli with nuts, carefully handmade
1,99 €
Pizza Base – 280 g (2 pcs) ⁠–⁠ ready-made Italian pizza dough from only 6 ingredients
24,99 €
Pre-workout without stimulants – orange 458 g ⁠–⁠ stimulant-free pre-workout for evening workouts
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Compared to the old version of spoko, it has a much better and milder taste, but the important thing for me is that it does not contain preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. So 🧑‍🎨 Overall, this is a fine supplement for anyone who wants to further support the quality of their sleep. Valerian works synergistically with lemon balm to soothe the nervous system. Chamomile calms the mind and promotes a positive mood and relaxation. Theanine has beneficial effects on mental state and performance. Magnesium helps to reduce the level of fatigue and exhaustion. 💤 For me, this product is such a little must-have in my evening routine during more stressful times.

Magnesium is one of the most deficient minerals and also one of the most important, so it should be as an absolute staple for every athlete. 🏋️‍♂️ It contributes to reducing the level of fatigue, supports the nervous system, muscles and maintains healthy bones and teeth. For me, definitely magnesium from vilgain, as it has a much higher absorption rate (about 80%) than some of its cheaper forms like oxides. I recommend it 🫡

A great helper and one of the accessories that really pays off. 🫡 It's especially good during times when we are generally more prone to illness, like fall. Then also as a prevention if you have a monotonous diet or are in a calorie deficit. ✔️

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