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Very tasty porridge! I like it very much.

Nothing to add to the porridge, just porridge.

The porridge is very good, I'm just sorry that the coconut smells more than the strawberry and raspberry flavour :(

The porridge tastes very good, I took it for a taste test, but since I'm normally used to sweeten my porridge with Vilgain protein, which is not very sweet, this porridge is quite oversweetened for me. So half as much sugar and it would be fine :-)

Excellent breakfast

It's good but not that I need it again

Chocolate is god ❤️ instant love. I can't say the same about the raspberry one unfortunately, it's the coconut in it that bothers me... Otherwise great 😊

Very good, but very sweet breakfast.

Super fast preparation and great taste

super fast, it is sweeter but good