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on a day when you're not running a super product

Very good porridge for me, I look forward to it in the morning.

Excellent! Beautifully creamy and really tasty porridge!🙂

For me the composition and taste great. I do not find the porridge sweet and with vegetable milk it tastes great. It's a pity that in the cocoa/banana flavour there is little banana and only powdered (not freeze-dried pieces :)) and you can hardly taste it through the cocoa.

Taste good but when prepared exactly according to the instructions it is very watery, the ratio needs to be tweaked

Absolutely delicious.

Amazingly chocolatey, very good and lactose-free - I'm very happy about that. My daughter likes it too.

For me the flavor with mango a little more sweet than I would have to have. But easy to prepare. Cocoa and banana also quite a bit sweet.

Great for a quick breakfast

I haven't tried