1 Minute Oatmeal

93 Ratings

vyborna kase!!

Excellent porridge

The consistency is amazing but the taste me strawberry and raspberry did not impress me..

Great combination and it really is ready in a minute.

The best porridge I've ever had! :)

hello, try the porridge from A cup of style, if you haven't had it yet, for me no other porridge beats it

Both flavors are great!

it doesn't even need to be cooked - just pour in cold plant milk or stir into yoghurt - we add a scoop of protein - the perfect breakfast!

I agree I just topped it with plant milk. I for example left it in the fridge until morning it's delicious I think I like raspberry the best, then chocolate and poppy seed all are delicious 👌😍

uzasna chut a jeste k tomu to skvely slozeni🫶🏻

porridge: cocoa and banana is a little bitter thanks to the banana, but the combination with chocolate protein, I was impressed. Yummy, I will also try it with vanilla. Porridge: Strawberry and raspberry, it's sour and even the chicory syrup or chicory strawberry topping didn't help, I had to put as much in as possible and it ended up overwhelming my taste.

taste very pleasant, there was no need to sweeten. I will order again. :))