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Beautifully fruity porridge. It smells a bit of coconut, but I didn't mind😊👍🏻

The porridge is great. It's just a shame there's so little of it. They're not too sweet. I'll have Michal make them half and half with minute flakes.

Tasteful combination. 🙂

I love oatmeal in a minute!!! The mango and coconut flavor is delicious.

Strong flavor of caramel, sweet enough :)

The most luxurious morning porridge. Fruity-sweet, no artificial taste, great composition, dissolves well and packs a lot of punch! I just pour hot water over it. I'll try other flavors, but I'll keep coming back to this one.

Great porridge for breakfast for work. It's sweet enough, it doesn't need to be seasoned at all. Maybe a sprinkle of nuts.

Yummy tastes like cherry strudel

on a day when you're not running a super product

Very good porridge for me, I look forward to it in the morning.