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After years of blood-sucking beef jerky while traveling the world, this tastier and easier to chew product has finally arrived. A must-have for expeditions, hikes and travel. Taste-wise, I see almost no difference between the variants.

OMG, so this is a top ceiling contraption!! I was a little worried at first, a salty bar? But it's SOOOO GREAT! For hiking, on the water, in the mountains, at work, anywhere! It's filling and has a great formula! I RECOMMEND IT WITH ALL TEN!

Something new, something new and something damn good! The combination of meat, nuts and fruit is a perfect idea and we actually get it on our plates quite often in the kitchen ! For me and my family definitely yes taste and ingredients 1* ! On the go to taste !


The Beef Bar was really good. It's quite soft, melts on the tongue and the taste is also very well done! If you ever want a quick snack in salty form, you can definitely reach for this one!

Well, I was pleasantly surprised by that. I had to try it right away. I was intrigued by the prunes in the ingredients and it's very good. I personally like it better than the jerky itself, which I've tried before under the brand name Aktin. I will definitely buy again.


Taste delicious. As a non-sweet snack and round perfect. Personally, I would have liked a few extra seeds in the ingredients (sunflower, pumpkin, ...)

Very good! Strong beef flavour similar to jerky, mellowed by nuts and plums. I would have welcomed a version with a higher meat ratio and a lower proportion of cashews. Great for people who aren't so much into sweet bars and snacks.

M I L U J E M! Wonderful taste of meat. Excellent as a nutritious snack. I would also take the 100% BEEF version <3

Dononality! It just might be more affordable, because it makes you want to do it all the time :D

It tastes perfect, but for 65Kč the bar could be at least bigger than 50g. It's really expensive.

Hi Lukas, the bar is highly expensive due to the ingredients, the long time it takes for the meat to mature and the small production to have it as fresh and as soon as possible. Quality meat is expensive and probably should be given how challenging it is to raise animals properly. On the other hand, you know you're buying the top thing on the market, which we may be able to get a little lower in price over time with a larger production scale at least for those other ingredients like local plums or really tasty dates. Glad you like it though! A lot of effort has gone into developing it 😌. Otherwise, a bar of this kind is not literally a bar as much as a nutritionally premium snack. Quality beef like this in the ultimate mobile and tasty form is a unique kind of snack.