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Great ingredients, just maybe sweeter for me than I would want from a salty snack. But clearly someone is finally going into meat sticks with such great ingredients!

A very good and nutritious snack!The beauty of simplicity is that it contains a few basic ingredients - quality beef, cashew nuts, prunes and spices. A great idea for meat lovers! The bar is tender, juicy and full of nutrients. I recommend it! 🥩

A tasty and nutritious quick snack!

For me great, just slightly spicy. The taste may not suit everyone, but if you don't want a smaller meal, it really fills you up.

It was a little sweeter and greasier than I expected, but as a protein snack it fulfilled the most important thing

top idea, tastes great and I love the combination of meat and fruit with nuts

I wasn't a fan after the first taste, but when I took a second bite, I loved it so much. I can smell the plums.

I really like the idea of making a salty protein snack, ideal for trips. But it's quite greasy, I could imagine some pastries with it.

Pepper is good Shitake is amazing Chilli burns too much Please make a pure meat bar because this is perfect! I love it.

I've never had anything like this, so I didn't even know what to expect, but it's really really good! The only downside is the price and maybe a little too much pepper.