131 Ratings

The taste really pleasantly surprised me, I will buy again

both flavors and the product as such surprised me, expecting all sorts of things, even that it would not be edible. And in the end, I will definitely repeat purchases of this item :-)

Perfect taste, consistency. Really very pleasant surprise.

Unusual taste at first taste, but once you get used to it, it is very good and satiates for a long time.

I've never eaten jerky before and this tasted like mini sausages. Taste and smell great

a savoury snack with a suitable source of protein

I don't know why I was expecting it to be just a big jerky 😂 but the consistency is totally awesome. Flavour is fine too, but there's too much pepper for me

For me it's great, after the reviews I was a bit worried, but I had nothing. Maybe there could have been a little less pepper, but otherwise really great.

Great ingredients, just maybe sweeter for me than I would want from a salty snack. But clearly someone is finally going into meat sticks with such great ingredients!

A very good and nutritious snack!The beauty of simplicity is that it contains a few basic ingredients - quality beef, cashew nuts, prunes and spices. A great idea for meat lovers! The bar is tender, juicy and full of nutrients. I recommend it! 🥩