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Hi, can I just ask if peanut butters can go bad after the expiration date? Is the expiry date important?
Thank you in advance for your advice. I made one big order of butters a few days ago. However, although in the villagain they mentioned cashews often in combination with other types of nuts and all the flavours bought are excellent, I would still like to add pure cashew butter, where cashews logically stand out more. However, I'm hesitating between vilgain cashew crunchy and lifelike cashews - it's the consistency of the lifelike butters (which I have at home) that bothers me that they are mostly runny (I guess they add oil) although good, with cashews I'd prefer that thick creamy consistency - ideally like gymbeam cashew butter, which is absolutely top, however, you don't offer it here and I need to finish my order here. So which of these 2 or even if there is a possibility of other pure cashew butters do you recommend? Lifelike or vilgain consistency? Thank you for your advice :-)