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Like the taste is quite strange and you have to get used to it. I personally prepare it with ice 🧊

Absolutely great taste, reminiscent of herbal tea. I take it about 5 minutes before I go to bed and I have a much better and deeper sleep than before. I get up in the morning much more energetic. Works for me.

a great gadget for sleeping

this is a revolutionary shmakocinka works 1000% beautiful and deep sleep super 10/10

I always look forward to it before bed, I find the taste absolutely delicious :) The quality of my sleep seems to have improved. Oura reports better HRV during sleep in the long term and I feel more rested in the morning.

Excellent taste, I always look forward to an evening dose 🙏🏻 Functionally, it helps me get into a deep sleep phase very soon after falling asleep

There's enough reviews that it's undrinkable. I happened to like it😁it's like you don't sweeten your herbal tea, refreshing and nice taste

Personally, I don't mind the taste at all, as it is often criticized in reviews, on the contrary, I like to complement the product with a good dinner. I usually take it in the evening when I am not feeling my best, and I feel that it really helps me to fall asleep faster and sleep better.

It works really well for me, it calms me down at night and I sleep beautifully afterwards. The taste is honestly not great, I always drink it after a quick sip.

Great for the night, definitely helps improve sleep and I feel more rested in the morning. What are we going to take, it doesn't have a rainbow flavour but it's a natural herbal product and that slightly atypical forest fruit can be survived. I put 5-6g in about 250ml of water and have gotten quite used to the taste.