Chocolate Chips

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This is a real miracle for me! When I first ordered them, I didn't think I'd somehow be done with them. But then I realized that I can use them absolutely anywhere when it comes to sweet food, and that it's just different than just scooping chocolate. Don't ask what, it just is haha. I use them a lot for porridge, pancakes but also in cookies. When they melt beautifully, your taste buds will sing. Oh and by the way - it looks good in the photos haha.


Inventory - May I ask when the chocolates will be in stock again?


In porridge, in cakes, in muffins, in yoghurt or just to taste. Goodness.

very useful thing for porridge, smoothie bowl, yoghurt,...or just because!

I add them to my oatmeal and sometimes in baking, they are great!

Chocolate cakes made from 60% cocoa solids, which can be used in a million ways...but I like to eat them straight from the bag :D Just 60% cocoa, nothing can go wrong there ❤︎

small pieces of chocolate ideally for porridge or baking

The best in composition and taste! I use it every day in my yoghurt.


Chocobo. Ideal for cookies, or perhaps everyone who has ever made cookies at home knows how annoying it is to break dark chocolate into small pieces. I also use them in homemade muesli, in oatmeal, or just by the handful when the mood strikes.