Vilgain Clear Whey Isolate

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Excellent though more expensive protein when you don't want to drink the dairy version. So far we have only tried Strawberry lemonade and I find it great, very sour but at the same time sweet just lemonade. Definitely don't hesitate. It would be good if Vilgain did test pouches of these proteins as well, because paying that much money for something you don't know if you'll like may not be for everyone. Lemon splash is still a little better for me and if I had to buy one again, it would be lemon. It's a good substitute for milk protein (they make me sick), but I don't see myself drinking it every day either.

I absolutely don't like the protein, I tried it now and the taste of the cheese in it, it tastes like gastric juices.. so disgust

Since I stopped liking the classic protein, and the only time it was pleasant to eat was in oatmeal, this is a total hit for me. It tastes like mildly flavored water, no feeling of heaviness, no shaker smell even if you forget about it. Terribly enjoyable to consume. I'm looking forward to summer when I add ice and some fruit to it and make a protein shake. Hopefully there will be a kilo version and some fruit flavors in the future.

From my first order, I was a little skeptical and worried about how the product itself would taste and work. After the first sip, I was pleasantly surprised because not only was I surprised by its really strawberry lemonade taste, it didn't taste at all like or resemble "stomach juices" as many people have written in reviews here. The main thing is not to be put off by the slightly odd smell, because the smell really doesn't match this great taste. I can imagine it as an ideal summer refreshing and especially instant drink + for me a huge advantage that it contains practically only protein, so for the rhyming and dieting it's really TOP! I definitely recommend it. Also, what made me very happy with my second order was that they started making the protein not in a bag, but in a nice and handy plastic container. Thanks

I was very interested in this product. I always wanted something similar, but in all other stores there were only milk proteins. I ordered this out of curiosity and I am thrilled! It tastes like a real lemon limeade. It's not over sweetened and the taste is amazing. The solubility is great, no lumps (I used a Shaker with a ball). Great choice for summer! But it's great in the winter too. I highly recommend it! I will definitely add it to my next purchase as well. Hopefully there will be other flavors at some point.

I don't normally write reviews, but this protein really surprised me. It's a great option instead of the classic milk protein, which I couldn't even finish because it made me sick. I bought the strawberry lemonade, taste 8/10, cold even better. It does have a bit of that "protein" aftertaste, but that's to be expected. For me it's a total bomb, just a protein soda, I'll be ordering again 🍓💯.

After reading the reviews, which were mixed, I was a little worried because I am sensitive to tastes, but I have nothing to complain about this product. Sure, it's not an oversweetened lemonade but actually, it's not supposed to be. Since classic protein is hard for me to drink, this is a great substitute. I recommend putting ice in it, a few extra drops of lemon and it will drink delicious!

Normally I wouldn't know it's whey protein... Super refreshing lemonade packed with protein. Tastes really good (I normally only drink water, because there are mostly only sugar-filled waters and flavored drinks with intentional aftertaste on the market). This drink is a small miracle for me.

very good, a good substitute for protein when you're sick of it. You can drink it with or without ice. But better iced.

Perfect pure protein, the peach flavor is something between iced tea and fizz is very nice :))

Flavor Strawberry Lemonade🍓🥤 -super👍🏻trošku sour, just sweet enough🥰 Green Apple Flavor🍏- even better for me, it just tastes really exactly like when you bite into a green apple and feel that sour juice 😃. Just overall really cool and I can only recommend it 🥰🥰