Vilgain Diet Whey ⁠–⁠ enriched with natural extracts to promote weight loss, low in fat and sugar, sweetened with stevia

Vilgain Diet Whey ⁠–⁠ enriched with natural extracts to promote weight loss, low in fat and sugar, sweetened with stevia

chocolate brownie
Chocolate brownie

Maximum usability
for your body

All the proteins used have a premium availability for the body, in the case of casein and milk concentrate even better than beef. This is combined with excellent digestibility and a high content of essential amino acids.

Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC)






Whey proteins


*The most up‑to‑date indicator of protein quality based on essential amino acid content and protein digestibility. Proteins with DIAAS >75 % are rated as high quality, >100 % are excellent protein sources according to FAO.

Natural weight loss support with green tea 🍵

For the best effect, just a few calories are not enough. That's why we've added concentrated natural green tea extract standardized to 30 % EGCG to Diet Whey protein. This ingredient is packed with many great effects, including weight loss support.

It helps with
fat burning,
which can also speed up the shedding of excess pounds [1]

Supported by cardiovascular health and helps reduce the risk of heart disease [2]

It works as
an effective antioxidant
and is involved in blood sugar regulation [2]

50% extract of the active ingredient HCA
from Cambodian Garcinia cambogia

These small pumpkin‑like fruits are a rich source of HCA - hydroxycitric acid. According to scientific studies, Garcinia extract can not only promote fat burning [3], but also regulate excess free radicals [4], and high LDL cholesterol levels [5].

Natural colour and flavour

We strictly avoid artificial flavours and colours, which only serve to manipulate the taste. Our protein has the authentic flavour and colour of real chocolate and other ingredients, complemented by purely natural flavouring.

Instead of sucralose, natural
sweetener from stevia leaves

The stevia plant produces a high‑value sweetener containing steviol glycosides. These are 200‑300 times sweeter than sugar, do not affect blood sugar levels and are considered a safe non‑caloric sweetener of natural origin.

Why stevia yes and sucralose no?

✔️ Steviol‑glycosides ❌ Sucralose
Safety No effect on insulin resistance Possible negative effect on insulin resistance
Sweetness Medium sweetness High sweetness
Microbiome Does not negatively affect the microbiome Possible negative effect on the microbiome

Gives a creamy texture
and guarantees to fill you up

No artificial additives, but natural soluble fibre from guar bean seeds. Studies show that it has a positive effect on digestion and blood sugar and cholesterol levels [6]. It adds a natural creaminess and a feeling of fullness to the mixture, which you'll especially appreciate during weight loss.