35 Ratings

The taste is quite neutral, I mix it with milk and make pancakes out of it.

Excellent taste, well soluble.

I was expecting a richer chocolate taste.

Good change, but quite poor solubility in water and milk. I don't think I'll buy any more.

Very good 👍

So far so good!

Taste very good..delicate pleasant aroma

He's great! Tastes like gingerbread, cinnamon just right, sweet just right, consistency and solubility just right. I've also had it in a smoothie with plant milk, banana, nut butter and oats and it will definitely be a regular vanilla replacement.

taste really pleasantly surprised! Despite the fact that it is sweetened with stevia (natural sweetener) you can't feel any artificial aftertaste in it, it's really nice soluble, I can't get enough of it!🥰 for porridge, cottage cheese, or as a shake it's a complete top

Very good, maybe I would change the name to "chocolate shake" or something like that, I would expect the brownie to be more intensely cocoa.