answered questions
Hello, I would like to ask again about the stocking date of the new yoghurt/malina flavour with a longer shelf life than November this year. Thank you :)
Hello, I would like to ask about the stocking date of the new yoghurt/raspberry flavour. Thank you :)
Hello, it is possible to buy flapjacks with a longer warranty period. I would like to buy more pieces for a longer period of time, but the maple syrup and coconut have a minimum consumption until mid-December. Thank you in advance.
Hello, after opening it needs to be consumed within how many days?
Hasn't the composition been adjusted? I was under the impression that there was no milk or butterfat in it?
I have a question about these flapjacks - would you recommend them as a snack during physical activity? I often ride my bike and on medium long rides (2-3h) I am used to carry Voltage bar from Nutrend instead of gels etc. So I'm looking around for a substitute or alternative. Alternatively, please recommend some bars from your range. Thanks :-)