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My first ghee. I haven't worked with it yet, but I can safely say that it is really nice to work with. It doesn't smell at all, on the contrary, it smells nice when you start cooking.

great, I recommend it

The tastiest I've ever had.

Beautiful smell and delicious taste 😊

Excellent for frying, I am satisfied

If you are interested in healthy food, you must know ghee. It's great, not only because it tastes good, but it doesn't overcook and contains tons of vitamins.

Great ghillie for a pretty penny.

smells good :)

Pecka 👌 has no "tail" of strange flavors, I took 1 kg straight 😅🙏

Once you get to know what it's like to work in cooking with Ghicek, you won't change. Olive oil and ghee is a staple in the kitchen.