Vilgain Gluten Free Wholegrain Jumbo Oats

69 Ratings

Great for porridge, nice and creamy.

they are awesome, I will order again :-)

Best cereal I've ever had 😊

perfect, too bad they are often sold out

Great whole flakes that are soft in minutes!

This is the oatmeal for real porridge lovers, it's not overcooked and it's also suitable for homemade granola

there are no flakes like flakes! This jumbo version of flakes is great for those of us who love the fine texture in porridge, and the beautifully creamy taste at the same time. 10/10 for me <33

Nothing to complain about here 🤩

The perfect creamy porridge!

They're not flakes, like flakes... There really is an incredible difference in the ordinary from these. They're instantly creamy, just luxurious.