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There are not many such non-sweet products.

Very interested in granola. The bacon flavor is there. It's good in soup, on salads, or just on the toothpick.

I've never had salted granola before. It's an amazing idea and the bacon flavour is simply delicious.

Best I've had in a long time!

If you are a fan of salty flavours like me, you will love this granola... I haven't had such a good salty snack in a long time, I praise the idea... in the future you could add cheese or cream with onion :D

For a while I didn't know what it tasted like, and then I figured it out -> peanuts in batter :D. It's delicious.

Now that's a big hit! I wasn't expecting such goodness, where do chips and other snacks go. Tastes like peanuts in batter or bacon chips. It's hard to believe there's no bacon in it. :D Hopefully there will be other similar variations. :-)

It's fine crispy and tasty

The first salty granola I've ever had and I can only recommend it!

Interesting! :D Good with cottage cheese or just on its own :)