Vilgain Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

answered questions
Hello, I would like to buy the flavorless isolate, have you considered offering it as well? I like to flavour my protein myself or put it in porridge which always has a different flavour (apples, chocolate, banana etc). Stevia doesn't suit my taste.
Good day, I want to place an order, the isolate is running low but not in stock. I would like to ask if it will be in stock this week... I don't want to make several orders in two weeks, but I need to replenish the food... so if it's worth the wait. Thank you and have a nice day
Hello, I would like to lose weight and shape my figure about -7 kg. Is protein or isolate better for me (I am lactose intolerant). Thank you
Hello, may I ask when the larger pack will be in stock again? thank you
Hello, is it also suitable for pregnant women? Thank you.
Hello, are you planning to make this isolate unflavored as well? Thank you
Hello, I would like to know why "milk powder" is added in the banana and vanilla flavour and in what quantity, or how it increases the lactose content compared to strawberry/chocolate. Thank you
Hello, I would like to ask about the method of protein isolation. Unfortunately, it is not listed here, so I prefer to ask. Thank you for your answer.
My son is 14 years old, he goes to tennis three times a week, he works out for at least an hour and a half every day. He asked me to buy this protein for him in case it is not possible for him to eat after training. Therefore, I would like to ask whether this supplement is also suitable for children and adolescents and, if necessary, from what age. Thank you for the answer to the question
I am 77kg and 182cm. However I need to lose fat and gain muscle mass especialy on arms with gym workout, is this the best product for me?