Vilgain Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

196 Ratings

Great taste

One of the top proteins

Great composition! With water it's a bit for ascetics, with milk we're already approaching a strawberry shake!

Taste excellent, I appreciate the sweetening with stevia. I recommend.

For me excellent, tastes like fine granco:) I'm ordering again

Super protein, great to digest, no nausea. Excellent taste, not too sweet.

I taste it. I drink it with milk. I like that the isolate is low in carbs. It's not too sweet, which is a big plus.

I bought the protein because I am lactose intolerant, which irritates my skin. I've had enough protein and haven't come across a chocolate protein that good. As soon as I opened it, it smelled like hot chocolate. I mix the protein with 400ml lactose free milk, 50g of protein and about three teaspoons (15g) of Granka and then heat. 430 kcal an 55g of protein. I can't complain, really like hot chocolate in Austria. The vanilla surprised me quite a bit too, proteins are quite "weaker" in taste, but I added a little vanilla sugar and within a few calories of nothing you have a really tasty drink.

very good and pleasant taste of strawberry, it is the first protein with a fruity flavor I have tried and it does not smell or taste like umeline. It's not as sweet as the usual proteins from other brands that use sucralose and other artificial sweeteners, so you have to get used to the fact that it doesn't have such a strong taste, but for me it's just good

Taste great, solubility top.