Vilgain Grass-Fed Whey Protein

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Hello, I bought some samples of Vilgain grass-fed but I have a problem with lumps. I mix it in a shaker with a strainer and for example Vilgain protein blend mixes perfectly. But the Grass-fed version has more flavors, so I would like to switch to that, but the lumps bother me. Would a spiral shaker help? Does Grass-fed blend perfectly? Thank you. Martina
Hello, I would like to ask if all Grass-Fed or pure Whey flavours will be available in doses, not just Vanilla and Chocolate. Thank you for the answer, FŽ.
Hi, is this a native whey protein? Thanks.
Hello, I bought Vilgain Grass-Fed protein - salted caramel and there are "black dots" in it. Is that ok? The previous protein did not have them. Thank you for your reply.
Hello, will you have Vilgain grass-fed protein marzipan cookie with pistachio in stock soon? Thank you for your reply. :)
Is the 2+1 promotion still valid? If yes, how do I apply it?
The 2+1 promotion cannot be used in combination with a new flavour (blueberry cheesecake) or with Grass-fed proteins that already have a new packaging (chocolate flavour, salted caramel).
Hello, will there be a restock of the larger pack of marzipan pistachio biscuits anytime soon? Thank you.
Hello, is the unflavoured version also sweetened with stevia? Thank you
Hi, when will the blueberry cheesecake flavour be available in 30g?