Vilgain Grass-Fed Whey Protein

4773 Ratings

You can taste hazelnut more than chocolate, and what a smell it has. 😍 est really tasty. 😋

Great 👍 I recommend

The taste is great but the smell is strange. So chemical.

Very good, please do not change it.

Super for the unflavored version, but slightly inflated. Isolate solved those problems, but I miss the unflavoured version.

Very pleasant taste and consistency, especially if you wait a few minutes after mixing.

tastes good to me, I appreciate that it's in a jar, which can not be said about the flavor Caramel.

Mi-lu-ju. Best

I've tasted a lot of proteins but this one is just the best. I mix it with milk and it's second to none, nice vanilla taste, doesn't make lumps.

I like the Milkshake very much, it is so pleasantly fruity, the biscuit is a bit artificial