Vilgain Lactose Free Whey Protein

answered questions
Hello, can this protein also be used by 14i year old elite athletes?
Will an unflavoured version ever be available?
Hello, I want to ask if you can make more flavours in this lactose-free version. Like latte, blue raspberry, chocolate bueno, coconut, hazelnut, cinnamon. Thank you
Hello, I don't see anything with gluten in the ingredients, nor a warning - so is the protein gluten-free? Thanks
Hello, is it possible to use it as "cocoa" - mix it with water and heat it?
Hello, is it possible to take while breastfeeding? Thank you
Hello, I would like to ask if the protein is also suitable for oatmeal in terms of solubility? Thank you.
Hello, are you planning to add other flavours?:)
Please, are you thinking of making an unflavored version? That would be most awesome. It's a thing I've been looking for in vain and it's apparently a "hole in the market" here.
Hello, I want to ask about the amino acid profile in this product. For this product this table is wrong unlike other protein drinks in your portfolio, thank you very much.