Vilgain Low Sugar Pack ⁠–⁠ cost‑effective package of protein mixes, ultra‑fast preparation of desserts and porridge, no added sugar

Vilgain Low Sugar Pack ⁠–⁠ cost‑effective package of protein mixes, ultra‑fast preparation of desserts and porridge, no added sugar

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Ultra fast, protein‑packed breakfast and snack
with minimal sugar

We've dressed up your favourite mixes for ultra‑quick breakfasts and snacks in a brand new coat. They taste great, they're filling and there's absolutely no added sugar. All in a bargain package with a 20% discount.

Mug Cake
A moist and fluffy dessert with 20 g of protein and minimal sugar

Pancakes and waffles
A nutritious breakfast with 35 % protein ready in 10 minutes

Minute Oatmeal
Gluten‑free oatmeal with an extra serving of fiber and protein

A delicious dessert packed with
protein, with minimal sugar

Enjoy crunchy peanut chunks and finely ground peanut cream in a damn tasty dessert. It's a great addition to your diet, especially if you're trying to limit sugars or calories.

20 g
Combination of milk protein and nuts
3,2 g
Sweetened only with steviol glycosides
9,3 g
Satiates and promotes good digestion

Fluffy pancakes
with 35 % protein

Can you smell it? That's the comfort that scented your home while frying up fluffy protein pancakes. Vilgain Protein Pancake Waffle Mix Low Sugar is our fine‑tuned powdered mix for quickly making sweet, nutritious pancakes and waffles, sweetened only with stevia.

Natural formulation
from premium ingredients

Our Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix Low Sugar contains milk protein with a full spectrum of amino acids including BCAAs to support the growth and maintenance of existing muscle mass. We've also added gluten‑free tapioca flour to the protein, which is one of the most digestible and will provide a great texture for waffles and pancakes.

Milk Protein
24 g of complete protein per serving (70 g)

Gluten‑free flour
Suitable for coeliacs and people with gluten intolerance

Peanut pieces and fine cream with a pleasant taste

Jumpstart your morning with protein porridge without added sugar

Super smooth, creamy, protein packed, fantastic taste, ready in 2 minutes. That's our porridge made with premium gluten‑free oats and quality protein, plus no added refined sugar.

25 g of complete protein
in each serving

Superbly absorbable milk proteins derived from the milk of New Zealand's grazing cows, like all animal proteins, boast a complete amino acid spectrum and a natural ratio of casein to whey. This gives you maximum support for muscle growth and maintenance as well as cellular regeneration.