Vilgain Micellar Casein Protein

76 Ratings

Taste good, for me the best strawberry. It is a little harder to dissolve, but after a while of standing and using a shaker it is fine.

I appreciate that it has no flavor

Super taste, good solubility

I really like the strawberry this way and the consistency is fine.

Thicker than regular protein but when mixed in the right proportions the consistency and taste is fine

That's so good.

So that's Topka, better I haven't had yet I'm buying more and still might be a good flavor peach and apricot. And it wouldn't be bad to combine different flavors (and not two of the same), as it tends to be a two-pack, for a better price. Maybe strawberry + vanilla, etc...

It has a little bit of an aftertaste, but when I put the lemon in the water I didn't smell it.

It's not too sweet, it's a very good protein. :)

Beautifully dense, palate-pleasing. I had a sample, next time I'll buy a big pack :)