548 Ratings

Very good

Great stuff, I use them as an accompaniment to roasted vegetables and hummus. Great flavor, crunchy and a little fluffy. It doesn't feel like a packaged pastry at all.

I can say that simply bomb, great taste is really like from a pizzeria. Ready as it says on the package in 5 minutes, and in conjunction with tomato sugo, luxury. I will definitely buy again.

Nothing to fault, we love it with my son for a mini pizza.

Great taste, low sugar content, and perfect for a quick snack...

Excellent little pancakes. I choose only as many as I can eat.

Excellent! :-)

great size, not tried yet, but I think it will be great as a classic pizza base

Handy little dough that not only tastes good to me but also to the kids, quick pizza in a few minutes

Great, I use both sweet and savoury, excellent product