answered questions
Hello, are you planning to have larger packs as well?
Hello, are you planning to launch VEGAN omega 3 from algae? Thank you.
Hello, may I ask if I can take omegas3 at 15 years old? Or is there a different dosage compared to adults? And I would also like to ask if I can combine omega3 with vitamin D3+K2 and magnesium?
Hello, I would like to ask what is the oxidation stability in hours? Thank you in advance for your reply 😊
Hello, what is the amount of vitamin A in 1 capsule? Thank you
Hello, does Vilgain Omega-3 contain rosemary extract, please? Is it suitable for pregnant women? Regarding tocopherols - what is the amount so as not to overuse vit.E? Thank you very much in advance. JN
Hello, I would like to ask you, in the product description you state that these Omega 3 are enriched with tocopherols, but they are not listed in the ingredients, so how is it with their content in this product? Thank you in advance
Hello, I have a question about storage. You state that Omega should be stored in a cool place. What degree range are we talking about? Can I store it in the fridge or is room temperature sufficient (and the active ingredients will not be affected)? Thank you in advance.
What happened to Golden Omega? Why don't you offer it anymore? :(
Hi, is it normal that the Omegas are glued together into one big lump after opening? They can only be separated by hand and are glued together quite strongly :)