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Great, nothing to complain about :)

Omega-3 is one of the most delicate supplements I would recommend. They support all the circulations in the body and the proper function of the entire body. Along with D3, for me, an absolute default supplement.

After prolonged use, one can observe: better concentration for training and at work. Better digestion suitable to use after meals.

a great dietary supplement!

great supplement, easy to chew and swallow

excellent addition :)

Omega-3 from Vilgainu is one of the best formulations. I recommend it! :-)

For those who love the fish oil. Great, easy to digest w/ positive effect to cardio. During running breathing is easy to do.

If you don't eat fatty fish often, it's a good idea to take these fatty acids in tablet form. They contain EPA and DHA, which our bodies can't make on their own, so we need to take them as part of a varied diet.

One of the few nutritional supplements that should be supplemented by many. Bodylab Omega 3 is recommended to be dosed at 1-3 g EPA+DHA combined, so 3 capsules per day will be fine.