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Miluju tenhle doplněk!

Good fish oil, some of them made me sick, this one is ok.

I only took it for a while, but it serves its purpose :)

Omega-3 fats are essential for our health and since we don't eat too many foods in the Czech Republic that naturally contain them (especially marine fish), it is advisable to supplement them and thus simply ensure their sufficiency in the diet.

Super great omegas. I used to buy them at the pharmacy, but now only from Aktinu ♥

If you don't consume fish every week, I would put this supplement in to support healthy and cognitive function

I'm taking it for a short time, so I can't evaluate the effects yet

It pisses me off that it's never in stock...

That's probably more of us. :-)
it's probably availability, but if only GoldenOmega products could be found elsewhere :D

The only omega3 that doesn't give me a fishy aftertaste

It helped...