Vilgain Organic Beef Broth without salt

23 Ratings

A total blast as a base for sauces.

Excellent full-bodied taste. The soup of this broth was excellent. I really appreciate that it is not salted. I order again!

Simply quality

I used it for the goulash and it enhanced the taste perfectly :)

Life Saving Hack - 1/2 in risotto, 1/2 in soup and lunch is ready x hours earlier.

Great broth in a few minutes on the table! I adjust the dosage depending on how thick I want the broth, or season as needed. I also use it in sauces. And now for fall and rhyme season in the fridge like when you find it:)

Big disappointment, tasteless water

Hi Eliška, the broth serves as a base for your next cooking, so it is not seasoned or salted in any way. It's up to your imagination how you prepare it 😊. Have a nice day.

Why 3 stars? Great helper when I need stock for gravy etc. It didn't work for me as a soup....guess it's about what each person prefers and likes :)

Very big weak, without smell, taste and aroma, defacto coloured water. Personally, I would not buy again.

Hi Kristyna, thank you for taking the time to review this product. At Aktin we are still trying to figure out how to use the available ingredients to create a product that is nutritionally balanced and of the best quality 😊. That's why we came to the market with our broths. They're great helpers for the base of your meals, given the local ingredients and the absence of preservatives. Don't be afraid to experiment with broth. The final taste is up to you 👩🏼‍🍳.

Unfortunately a big disappointment, probably the only product I have not been happy with since Vilgain, maybe even angry. Tasteless, in the ratio they recommend it would be a complete mess.

Hi Magdalena, thank you so much for sharing your experience. We would be happy to hear more details - for example, what recipe did you follow when using our broth? Try it as a base for ramen or in risotto We have stated in the product card that the dosage is a guide only and very much depends on your preference. We would appreciate your response as feedback helps us improve our products. Have a great day.