Organic Beef Jerky

54 Ratings

Naprosto genialni!

Surprised. Excellent. No additives. I'd just appreciate more weight.

Perfect taste and composition! I prefer to buy in a bigger package because I can't get enough! Yum!

For me as a jerky lover, this is a great snack to replenish protein. The meat is perfectly seasoned and tastes delicious.

Great meat!

Vilgain Beef Jerky are the ideal snack for every meat lover who is not only interested in a high intake of quality nutrients, but also in the enjoyment of the food itself. The seasoning with sea salt gives the jerky a truly perfect taste. I particularly appreciate the high quality meat of the Aberdeen Angus breed, which is reared on mountain pastures. Another advantage is the sheer "toughness" of the meat, which does not let you eat the bag so quickly, which I consider an important factor in nutrition.

A great on-the-go snack and protein supplement. Very well seasoned.

It's not bad for fighting off hunger, it's a jaw dropper, but that's to be expected with jerky :D I might appreciate some other flavors and other types of meat :-) (Turkey would be very nice)

I love jerky, and these are really great

Quick snack, good replenishment of protein