Vilgain Organic Chicken Broth without salt

30 Ratings

Super as a base for soups super, in my opinion there is no need to dilute as much as it is written on the package.

The broth is strong, honest. I just thought it was pasty. But that's my mistake.

Excellent, I add to sauces.

Great smell and taste. Used it for soup

Great, just add vegetables or just pour over potatoes as a sauce. Just salty enough.

I appreciate that the broths are less salty, so I can keep an eye on the salt content and not change the saltiness of my cooked foods. It smells lovely, so I diluted it almost 1:3 and it was just right with a pinch of salt, but we like thicker soups in our house.

What I don't like about this product is that it needs to be used within 3 days after opening. It can be made into up to 17 litres of soup or added to other dishes, but when I am alone I have no chance of using it up within 3 days. I did not notice this detail when ordering.

Hi honey, thank you for your review. We have developed the broth to be truly "homemade". That's why you won't find any salt, flavor enhancers or preservatives in it, and it also affects the expiration date. Have a nice day

Unfortunately a big disappointment, probably the only product I have not been happy with since Vilgain, maybe even angry. Tasteless, in the ratio they recommend it would be a complete mess.

Hi Magdalena, thank you so much for sharing your experience. We would be happy to hear more details - for example, what recipe did you follow when using our broth? Try it as a base for ramen or in risotto We have stated in the product card that the dosage is a guide only and very much depends on your preference. We would appreciate your response as feedback helps us improve our products. Have a great day.