Vilgain Organic Coconut Amino Sauce

160 Ratings

Wasn't sure how best to use this at first. But I mixed it with chilli flakes, crushed fresh garlic, and the juice of a small piece of ginger...and it was amazing. Drizzled it over steamed veg....gorgeous!

Absolutely stunning 👍

Pleasant, slightly sweet, more delicate than classic soy sauce

From the composition I didn't believe it could taste like soy sauce, but it really is a great substitute. Compared to soy, it is not extremely over-salted. Zamna super

A wonderful alternative to soy sauce for anyone who doesn't like extremely salty taste:)

Tastier than classic soy sauce

a great substitute for soya beans

The perfect soy sauce substitute.

Excellent flavouring.

excellent taste, indistinguishable from soy sauce! excellent for allergy sufferers