Organic Coconut chips, baked coconut chips with an ultra-pure composition

375 Ratings

they are great on their own and on porridge, pancakes, etc😊

I bought them once purely out of curiosity, it's been my addiction ever since

Absolutely perfect. I don't like plain coconut, but this is a blast.

Sense Coco is still the leading brand for me 🙏🏻

What crunches - it tastes. Excellent in porridge.

In the evening with a movie or as an afternoon snack totally awesome! :)

addiction 😻

Epes rádes, výbornej cháles. Doporučuji!

I don't need coconut, so this is a luxury😇

The chips are great, at first I was horrified at how small the packet was, but I didn't notice that I was ordering 40g. 😄 The taste is very good, I don't recommend them in porridge as you can't taste the flavour. They are best on their own.