Vilgain Organic Light Roast Cashew Butter

32 Ratings

It's news to me. I've never had anything like this before. But it tastes quite good, subtly sweet, which suits me because I can't have much sugar. In the mouth, it's kind of thick. It's good on pancakes, pancakes and porridge. For me, ok 👍🏼

10/10! Really excellent. 🤩

Great intense cashew flavor, I might even like it more than almond :)

I've never eaten better cashew butter in my life 🥹😍

Fine quality cashew butter for a friendly penny. Satisfaction!

Very good! Exactly the kind of product where you have to keep from eating half a glass in a sitting :D

Really nice taste

Excellent, the best butter I've ever had....

beautifully soft, creamy, super :)