Vilgain Plant Based Protein

239 Ratings

It has a pleasant taste, dissolves well and is not too sweet. I am very happy with it! I'll definitely be using it again! 🥰(If there was a pistachio flavour I would be very happy 💖)

top protein one of the best vegan I have had solubility etc. what people complain about here seems like bullshit to me it is the best on the market and taste

Great as a single meal replacement

The best vegan protein I've tried so far and most importantly it's not sweetened with sucralose like most others and has a nice clean formula. It's not overly sweet, which is totally fine with me. I bought a sample but will definitely order a large pack, TOP for me 👌.

A star down just for being too sweet for me. Otherwise, good taste. I would have preferred the unflavoured version though, unfortunately I don't know what the "natural vanilla flavour" contains (I pay a lot of attention to product ingredients).

I've tried many brands of vegan proteins and this one is absolutely top. Smooth texture, dissolves well, tastes great I can only recommend it.

Chocolate and vanilla pleasant flavours. Not too sweet (compared to other brands of flavored protein mixes).

I like that it's not too sweet. Ingredients super. Finally a protein where there is no sucralose.

After the reviews here, I was a little scared, but I ended up ordering the biggest pack and I don't regret it. Excellent composition at a bargain price. The taste of the protein is absolutely fine, indeed I have drunk even proteins that tasted like sand. Thank you for this product. 😊

I really didn't like the vanilla, it can't match the great vanilla taste of the Vilgain grass-fed protein. The taste of chocolate is a bit better.