Plant Based Protein

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chutna moc dobre

For me totally awesome, I like it more than whey protein, I will definitely buy again.

I'm so glad for the alternative, I could have more of it. I'm lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant, there aren't many options, so it would be good to expand it. it's a blast

The protein is pretty good, not as sweet as regular proteins. It's great for porridge or baking. It has no chemical aftertaste and dissolves nicely.

I really like the protein. It is wonderfully creamy and not sweet, which is great. I really like the ingredients and the quality of the protein too. For my active and sporty life it is so integral to my diet.

Finally a Vegan protein with the perfect ingredients. I've tried a lot of vegan proteins and this one ranks up there. The protein dissolves nicely. It makes a great texture in porridge and yogurt!

I am very satisfied with the protein. It has a good taste, dissolves well and is not over-sweetened. I definitely recommend trying it!🤩

Very bad vegan protein. Even after a long kneading it is sandy and the taste is also not so good :( so far the best vegan one was from biotech, but even that is pretty weak compared to the cheese ones :(

Hi Lucia, our vegan protein contains only natural ingredients and flavours. The vanilla in the protein is natural and is sweetened only with stevia, unlike Biotech which uses flavour enhancers. Vegan protein has a very specific taste and solubility compared to traditional whey protein, so it is harder for users to get used to the taste and consistency at first. Have a nice day :).

I was looking forward to the vegan protein from Aktinu, but unfortunately for me I definitely don't recommend it. It made a nice consistency in the shaker, but it was impossible to drink. Lots of pea taste and not sweet at all. You can mash it up, but it still smells pretty bad.

Artificial, too sweet, leaves an aftertaste