Plant Based Protein

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I was very surprised, I drink protein only with water and this one doesn't bother me.

a bit grittier than whey protein, but that's to be expected. The vanilla is really noticeable, the flavor is good.

For not being a vegan protein advocate, this one was very good. I appreciate the ratio of amino acids - given the multiple sources of plant protein. Taste-wise, it's also one of those that's easy to drink.

I'm used to vegan protein. And here I take as a plus less pronounced taste and not so thick consistency as with other vegan proteins =)))

Protein is fine, it has a specific taste, but it is not unpleasant. It's just quite sweet for me, I don't understand the reviews that it's not 😂 compared to their whey protein, which is nice in food and I take one whole scoop in peace, with this one I always have to give less or mix it somehow, otherwise it's really sweet and you can't taste the other stuff at all ( like in smoothies, porridge with stuff like that). But what I rate super is the digestibility, it doesn't make me feel heavy at all and I'm not bloated, it dissolves beautifully too.

For a long time I was looking for a plant-based protein with a pure composition that I could drink just like that, without adding other types of food or supplements. I came across this vanilla one from Vilgainu and after reading many different reviews, I decided to give it a try. And my final rating? Honestly, the protein doesn't taste very vanilla to me, however the flavor is very interesting, kind of sweet and salty, buttery and I like weird flavors, haha. I've been drinking it on its own for a few days now and still fine. I'll definitely buy again, just because I'm close to this Czech producer and the smooth communication when making the order. Thanks for you!

Good and tasty protein, I add it to yogurt and I find it tastes like ice cream, I can recommend it :)

Tastes great

The best plant protein I've ever had.

Very good protein in terms of solubility and taste. You don't feel like you're drinking sand like you do with other vegan products.