Vilgain Prebiotic Protein Bar

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Very good protein bars.

Very good.

Good, but the chicory in it doesn't make me feel good. Couldn't you make a similar thing without the maltodrexin, sugar, and cecan? Ideally with stevia.... :)

Hi Radka, we are very sorry to hear that the chicory is not doing you any good. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that we're preparing a new low sugar variant. However, you won't find Maltodrexin in the current bar either. Have a nice day,

Nice taste. The consistency is so zuvackovejs. I like it that it does not burn like other protein bars. You just have to eat more

Excellent! Fresh taste. I buy again.

for a while I was surprised by the consistency, which is rather chewy, but otherwise top, there is no aftertaste at all, which most protein bars have

My oblíbenci❤️ They are all amazing and have a great protein count. Ultimate brownie is the best for me.

My new addiction

We eat this with my son when we need a quick snack and we both absolutely love it ☺️

Pink macaron tastes very good, the ingredients are great, but the bar itself is very chewy. White nougat is definitely better, the crunchy almond pieces are a nice change and it's not that sweet, so for me this is the better option.