Vilgain Prebiotic Topping Low Sugar

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Top recommendation tastes delicious

TOP, the best

It's excellent

It's not bad (I've definitely had some fit topping and it was disgusting compared to this) but the white chocolate is too sweet for me and the salted caramel seems a bit artificially hot. But it's not bad at all, it's just that these "fit" toppings can't be done perfectly I guess.

It is good in porridge, but the white chocolate flavour is not very strong.

Very good, great to sweeten my breakfast or lívance❤️😍

Excellent delicious taste, great added value in the composition.

The kids like it.

Amazing topping! Great consistency and taste of salted caramel ❤️ suitable even for lactose or milk protein intolerant people, which are found in most salted caramel products.

The white chocolate flavour is very bad :-( That's a very artificial taste..

I agree. Chocolate is delicious. I don't know the difference from the classic topping. But we don't like white chocolate at all. Even though there's no artificial sweeteners in it, it's completely scrubby in my mouth and the aftertaste lingers for a long time. :-( Very disappointing.