Vilgain PRO Pack ⁠–⁠ professional package for maximum performance support in the gym, on the field, on the ice and in everyday life

Vilgain PRO Pack ⁠–⁠ professional package for maximum performance support in the gym, on the field, on the ice and in everyday life

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Boost your performance and health to the max 🔥

Whether you go to the gym, run or play team sports, your body needs plenty of the right nutrients to get the most out of you. With our must‑haves pack, you'll replenish easily absorbed protein, quick energy from natural ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals in no time. You'll support muscle function, connective tissue health and prevent cramps and fatigue.

Helps muscle recovery and growth

A carefully selected blend of micronutrients to support overall health

Support bone, joint and immune system health

Delicious and perfectly soluble
clean label protein sweetened with stevia🥇

Thebudget king of proteins, that's what you could call our Vilgain Whey Protein whey concentrate from Dutch Milk. It contains only the 5 most important ingredients with a high content of highly usable protein including BCAAs to support muscle growth and maintenance.

Whey protein
with complete amino acid spectrum

Best price‑performance ratio
among clean label proteins on the market

No thickeners,
artificial sweeteners and flavours

Ionic drink for better performance, endurance and recovery

Have a tough long training session or race coming up? Then you shouldn't miss our hypotonic ionic drink. Thanks to a range of active ingredients, it ensures effective hydration and replenishes the micronutrients you sweat out during exercise.

Suitable for endurance sports

Short‑term energy source

Effective hydration thanks to the contained electrolytes

Comprehensive joint nutrition with a tropical taste

Vilgain Joint Support should not be missing in your drawer if you play sports or otherwise overuse your joints. In particular, it harnesses the effects of three proprietary sources of collagens of all types, Curcumin C3 Reduct, as well as other substances known for their effects on joint health. As a bonus, you'll enjoy it with a fresh fruity taste.

Provides complete joint health and nutrition

Takes care of the nutrition of the joints and their proper function

Protects cartilage from excessive wear and tear

Balanced complex
20 active ingredients

Vilgain Multivitamin is a carefully formulated complex of 13 vitamins and 7 minerals. The ratios of the individual ingredients have been specially designed for physically active individuals whose bodies need larger amounts of certain vitamins and minerals.

Supports the immune system

Protects cells from oxidative stress

Supports muscle and nervous system function

Takes care of the health of bones, hair and teeth

Reduces the level of fatigue and exhaustion

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Energising form of magnesium
with high availability

Vilgain Magnesium Malate is a chelated form of magnesium in vegan capsules. You can therefore count on the same effective form as bisglycinate, except that malate is part of the energy metabolism - specifically the Krebs cycle. So in addition to the usual benefits, count on revitalizing effects, and higher energy levels.

Magnesium Malate
with energizing effects

In chelate bond with high absorption

Vegan gluten‑free bar full of nuts and fruit

Need to replenish your energy but want to avoid refined sugar? This bar with a super clean formula is made just for you. Just a few sensible ingredients that not only taste great together, but also give you a boost of energy at work, on a hike and after a workout.

Excellent purity
and quality of fish oil

Try a premium source of omega‑3 essential fatty acids from wild anchovies. They are enriched with tocopherols that maintain the product's excellent oxidative stability.

200 mg
DHA acids with anti-inflammatory effects
300 mg
EPA acids support proper heart function