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These probiotics have changed my life! Especially my psyche😫❤️ I had unreal acne for about 5 years, changed 3 dermatologists in that time, each prescribed only various antibiotics and ointments that never helped, and when they did, the acne came back within a week in the same, if not worse, form. The last dermatologist wanted to prescribe me retinoids but before that we just tried putting on probitiotics, at the time I had no idea something like a microbe existed and now I couldn't be more grateful. My skin has COMPLETELY cleared up, now I don't have any traces of acne or breakouts anymore. Not to mention that they have helped me a lot with my digestion too - I finally don't have a bloated tummy every day... Gut really is like a second brain and shouldn't be underestimated! I recommend with all 10! I can't even describe how much they have helped me and healed my psychological side, acne really lowers self-esteem..

I would just like to ask, for how long did you take them before you started to see and feel the first changes for the better?

They really work, I don't feel bloated and they have helped me a lot with my acne.


I've only been taking it for a short time, but I can still see the changes. I had a bloated and sore belly every morning. I feel better since taking the probiotics.

I've been using it for a month, great for me. Since then, I don't know what it is to be bloated. I feel great. It's even helped with my acne a little.

I still poop the same way, I guess it takes time. Otherwise, I don't feel anything else yet.

Cool cheap probiotics

It has helped me with the bloating and I feel much better. :)

Intestinal microflora - the basis of everything. We all take probiotics at home and these fit us perfectly. Don't forget to put them in the fridge after unpacking.

The probiotics fixed my damaged digestive system. The first two weeks were cathartic (:D), but it was necessary. I'm finishing my third month and already ordering new ones.