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Best probiotics I've tried! I feel an improvement in my digestion and even with the recent use of strong antibiotics, I have had no problems at all. I will definitely buy znovu❤️

No problem

Improvement in digestion after about 1 week of use. The dose is just right in my opinion. I will follow up with fermented and fermented foods after replenishment and let you know if it is enough. I recommend it for adjusting the microflora, it works.

Great! Helped me with moderate to severe acne on my forehead, would recommend. Results after the first 3 days.

Support digestion, strengthen immunity, reduce the risk of infections and inflammation. This must be enough for you

I recommend, I always have them in the morning before meals :)

Best product ever! I struggled with hormonal acne for about 2 years. I didn't have anything in my teens and then my acne started to get really painful and no one could help me with it. The dermatologist prescribed me some extreme pills that I never want to take again, the acne came back anyway. After consulting with my esthetician, I bought these probiotics and after using up the first bottle, my skin is unrecognizable. I am now starting to open the fourth pack. THANK YOU!

This isn't just support for proper digestion, these are superheroes for your mood, immunity and weight loss support.

👍🏼 recommended

They're great.