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These probiotics have changed my life! Especially my psyche😫❤️ I had unreal acne for about 5 years now, changed 3 dermatologists in that time, each prescribed only various antibiotics and ointments that never helped, and when they did, the acne came back within a week in the same, if not worse, form. The last dermatologist wanted to prescribe me retinoids but before that we just tried putting on probitiotics, at the time I had no idea something like a microbe existed and now I couldn't be more grateful. My skin has COMPLETELY cleared up, I now have minimal scarring that is gradually healing and no or very minimal acne forming. Not to mention that they have also helped me a lot with my digestion - I finally don't have a bloated tummy every day... Gut really is like a second brain and should not be underestimated! I recommend with all 10! I don't think words can even describe how grateful I am for this product!

I would just like to ask, for how long did you take them before you started to see and feel the first changes for the better?

They help me personally with my skin

I used to have a lot of digestive problems and after quite unpleasant treatment and a drastic diet, I was recommended probiotics to help me recover. And I went straight into a long-term regimen. I have tried several products and this one has proven to be the best. My intestines are working as they should, I can finally afford to eat some raw vegetables, fruit and the occasional dairy product. My skin has cleared up, my mood is better, I have more zest and energy for life. Only with major problems I recommend to see a doctor first, and I am one of the non-doctors among them ... only then to take supplements. Without overtreating more serious conditions, I am not sure of the outcome :) It is also essential to throw yourself into calmness and not get nervous, the intestines really don't like it!

I had absolutely no problem with probiotics and after cc. 1 month of use, my digestion has improved overall along with bloating.

I would like to ask if it is possible to pour the contents of the capsule into a smoothie!? Thank you

I took it while taking antibiotics and still do. At first I found the results amazing! Clearer skin, better bowel movements and bowel movements (I never had problems with regularity though), minimal bloating and a distended belly. But after a month of taking it, I don't see the same benefits anymore, so we'll see how it goes. Anyway, I can't say anything bad here.

Hello, how long can I take them?

For me, the best probiotics I've tried. They fit me great and never made me sick. I buy repeatedly, I have the third pack.

They're fine.

An amazing dietary supplement that aids in proper digestion.