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Intestinal microflora - the basis of everything. We all take probiotics at home and these fit us perfectly. Don't forget to put them in the fridge after unpacking.

The probiotics fixed my damaged digestive system. The first two weeks were cathartic (:D), but it was necessary. I'm finishing my third month and already ordering new ones.


They don't have the smidge (gutpro), but they fit the bill and serve a purpose if I don't cut anything else. :)

MICROBIOM - a very popular and important topic. I feed mine with probiotics, among other things.

Probiotics with added prebiotics. But in short, this is a really comprehensive and quality product that I would definitely recommend. If any of you don't already know, immunity (most of it) comes from the gut, so if you take good care of your microbial buddies, you're less prone to illness. There is even research showing a positive effect against fighting depression and inflammatory diseases caused by dysbiosis.


They are great and I find them very helpful 🙂

I've been having digestive/intestinal problems for a while. I have been taking probiotics for the second month now and I think my problem has improved. I suspect it will be taking these probiotics.

We have a separate article on probiotics (https://fitclan.sk/premium/probiotika-ich-vplyv-na-zdravie-s-cim-vsetkym-vedia-pomoct/) and are preparing another one based on the latest ISSN position paper. If you've got money to spare, maybe a higher calorie intake of probiotics is a fine choice for your supplementation stack.

Since Aktinu I use a lot of supplements but probiotics are the most essential ones. They improve not only the abdominal flora but also digestion.

Rescue of my previously constantly bloated belly, I recommend