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For me super protein, the flavor vanilla cream is top for me

I was looking for a protein that wasn't too sweet. This one totally got me. All 3 flavors are delicious!!! Yes, it has a slightly crackly texture, but that doesn't bother me at all. It is important for me that it has a good composition, it is sweetened with stevia (I like my microbiome), it is only slightly sweet and the taste is just right, it is not too sweet. I highly recommend it!

Delicate taste and faint sweetness:) all reasonably just right

Super tasty protein, vanilla is not artificial at all, double cocoa not much - normal cocoa

More like coconut. But well, fine consistency. Sweet just right, I made it in milk :)

Cool digestion, and I like the double chocolate flavor...I've never had that with protein before.

Dissolves well, pleasant taste.

Chocolate doesn't have a very strong taste but that may be because I mix the protein in water.

Smoother and creamier consistency. Taste super

Makes a lovely creamy porridge, the almond coconut cream flavour is great. The vanilla is bland and the chocolate is so strangely powdery.