Protein Cookie

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Yummy!! Super snack!

A lot will depend here from person to person. Thick, drier... just a classic cookie with chunks of nuts and chocolate. I like it a lot, but if you prefer a soft bar, I recommend Vilgain Vegan Cookies!

Biscuit very good, but this flavor is not for me

I was expecting a slightly different consistency, but the taste is good. You have to take into account that this is a healthier version of the cookie so it's something else

A great snack and a super alternative when you just have a sweet tooth!

Taste and structure good. Compared to Lenny and Larry's biscuit (a great snickerdoodle flavour), it has up to 25 g of protein compared to about 16 g and has fewer kcal. However, it's more or less a full-size snack (nutritionally and calorie-wise), so watch out for that. It's got a great texture (probably the best of the cookies on the market so far), and especially the high quality protein makes it a super snack on the go or when you don't have food on hand.

I was brutally blown away by this one. If there's one thing I love about a fest, it's definitely when there's stuffing in something. (Oh jess, stuffed donuts). Well, this snickerdoodle cookie not only has a great flavor on its own but it's just stuffed inside and that filling melts beautifully.

Very good, very thick, so filling. Personally, I would have appreciated two smaller ones. This portion is too much for me.

A healthy snack? Reach for a cookie!

it feels so tasty! that's the best solution when I want to treat myself!