382 Ratings

Excellent taste both coconut and chocolate

A great biscuit for travelling. Moist and filling.

This is the first thing that disappointed me from this brand. Not that it's generally bad, but I don't like it, it's quite thick, it's hard to chew and it doesn't have a distinct taste, it's like a kind of stiff "plasticine". Ingredients good just not for me. Never mind.

Yummy... delicious... tastes a bit like gingerbread. And as for the ingredients nowadays 🫶

I'm quite spoiled for choice, but this was an incredible experience. As evidenced by the fact that I ordered the cookie again, even though the price is really high 😜

The best cookie!

In a word, the Pecka ❤️

Super taste

taste great, consistency very thick, I couldn't halfway through, but otherwise great

Delicate flavor, and those chocolate chunks are not to be missed🤤