Protein Cookie

47 Ratings

I liked the previous version better :/

it's a difference from the previous version, but a nice one :) it's so much more moist, for me it's's just a pity it got more expensive :D

The best cookie👌surprised me a lot😊

Super filling, I like it more than the previous version. Not too sweet and the consistency is good, rather cake-y than cookie-like but pleasant :)

good snack and very tasty

Very good, the occasional crunch of chocolate chips is fine. It reminds me more of cookie shaped brownies.

it's not a dry hard biscuit, it's mega soft and soft. taste-wise I would compare it more to brownies. it drove away hunger without any problems, 80 g is just enough for me for a snack, for some even half of it will be enough

Great :) no-nonsense ingredients, the cookie doesn't crumble and isn't as overly sweet as Lenny and Lerry :) hilarious

It tastes like a kind of bun that you can bake at home. It is incomparable to the previous cookies. And I'm sorry that you can't even respond to questions here in the reviews about whether the original cookie version will ever be available again.

I like the biscuit very much and it is very filling, it is beautifully moist.