Protein Cookie

749 Ratings

Definitely TOP. I was betting on the chocolate-brownie, but this white chocolate-coconut is even better for me. Beautifully soft, melts on the tongue. Sweet just right.

The taste is not bad, but I recommend eating it with yoghurt, it is a bit crumbly.

excellent cookie!

Peanuts and brownies are great! The coconut is weaker for me, and I'm very tempted by the snickerdoodle, if it was ever in stock of course 🙂 😂

Yummy! The best cookie. Big chunks of peanuts and chocolate.

Peanut chocolate yummy! It tastes like peanut butter, I barely ate half of it and I was full I think a brownie is more suited to be eaten with something

Great taste and composition, they are just quite expensive.

It's not as moist as you might expect, but it tastes good. I like that it's not as sweet as other protein cookies often are.

The taste is great, but it's probably not something I'd go for. It's probably not very moist for me and I give it four stars because it's probably not exactly my must have, but otherwise I definitely recommend it.

Super cookies, I've eaten better tasting ones though.