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So of course this?!?!! What a blast. This is going to be my new addiction. :))) Tastes a bit like marzipan.

It's not bad, but I've had better.

It's not really a cookie, it's a cookie-shaped protein bar. But it's a good protein bar with great ingredients. Only it could be smaller, I can't eat the whole thing, so I'm taking it in halves.

Well, that's a big surprise. For me, absolute perfection! Luscious and delicious!

I really love this🥰

I personally wasn't impressed with this cookie, but it's a really honest protein snack

The first impression was terrible, but then I wanted to eat it all the time and wish it would never end 🤯😍😍

excellent taste!

Very nice taste. I often take it for a morning snack or after a workout.

The gingerbread flavor is luxurious, just a shame the cookie isn't a little bigger