Vilgain Protein Mug Cake Mix Low Sugar

19 Ratings

That blew my mind. Satiating, tasty and a total bomb for me. I'll try another flavor.

Great taste, I will definitely buy again.

Neskutecna mnamka a slozeni we do not need to talk 👌🫶

A very good version of a snack, which you can have ready immediately, at the same time in the form of a dessert, with a great composition.

Great, I like it very much


Quick preparation and great taste.will definitely order again🙃

The taste is slightly peanutty, not over-sweetened, no aftertaste. The texture is smooth, fine, with lots of whole peanuts. For me a super Mug cake like the others from vilgain😊

Super quickie for breakfast or snack 🤩

Wow!!! Excellent. :) Vilgain products have no competition in quality and taste. :)