Vilgain Protein Mug Cake Mix

140 Ratings

Ideal for the preservation of poran. The test itself is good, I add yoghurt and a little syrup.

This? I'd ask you to pack by the pound. Perfect for breakfast, dinner or snack... Whether I'm enjoying the comforts of home or I don't know where my head is.

If you don't really like dried fruit, the moss cake flavour is not for you. I like a little bit of it, but there is an extreme amount of fruit in this version.

Strawberry and white chocolate is great,as well as apple and cinnamon. Chocolate and hazelnut,some nuts are tasteless..

Very tasty, practical, nutritious. Rescue on the intro 😅

Taste-wise, I have nothing to complain about the blueberry and chocolate. Fluffy and taste perfect. For the strawberry white chocolate it's not bad either, just the chocolate always drops and tends to burn. I was looking forward to the apricot but no sign of the apricot flavor.

I didn't expect such deliciousness! And lots of protein as a bonus. Yummy!

Super product

UPDATE: no more Cinderella games! 🤩😀 Who doesn't need nuts like me, the chocolate brownie is insanely good, I just want to eat it all the time 😍😍😍 I'm still waiting in vain for the red velvet flavor 🙄. I've had apple and cinnamon and strawberry and white chocolate and they're really good, but the chocolate one is the most awesome 😋. I mean, you could make a version without nuts, I have to play Cinderella this way 🙄😄 but otherwise it tastes perfect, it's irresistible 😋

Hi Adela, we note that there would be interest in this flavour and would be happy to consider it 🤭. We have one nut-free option for you - try checking out the blueberry flavour :). Have a nice day

Luxurious, we like it very much