Vilgain Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix Low Sugar

58 Ratings

You have to put almost twice as much water, but otherwise excellent! :)

It takes a bit of adjusting the ratio of water to powder to get the dough into the pan at all. 😉

Now that flavor is absolutely sensational. The pancakes are soft, moist and long-lasting. Absolutely perfect for breakfast!

Waffles are great. The best.

GENIUS, I will definitely rebook it. I would eat pancakes made with this mix every day

Help with breakfast

The perfect thing for breakfast when there is not much time, within a moment the pancakes are ready and the taste is indistinguishable from the classic batter.

Perfection itself. My husband and I have made a Sunday pancake tradition for breakfast and we sin with peace of mind 😊.

Easy to prepare, the creamy flavour is great 👌

Excellent! The best mixture for waffles. I don't make any others... 👍🏻