85 Ratings

Great for the final seasoning of salads, guacamole or meat! Beautiful crunch :)

The king of salty flakes , they look beautiful on baked goods 👌

Beautiful packaging, great salt

Flake salt which looks great on the final dish. I personally couldn't get it anywhere 🚀

An ideal substitute for Maldon salt.

Na brownies👌🏻🥰

Now that's SOMETHING! Aside from the fact that it looks great on the food. The flavor and the crunch it adds to the dish?! Just wow. You have to try this ✨️

Now that's a bomb🤩

The best thing under the sun! I'm a big salt eater and salt on a melted chocolate cube on porridge must not be missed! These pyramid flakes add the crown! Perfect for a finished steak too! Big thumbs up for this perfection!

To be salted on the plate. Looks very nice.