Vilgain Sweet Potato Chips

49 Ratings

I don't mind paying extra for the quality, but I find the price/performance ratio a bit off here too. But they are good, no question about it, and it's great packaging that the chips don't break - maybe that's why the price jumps so much, which a bigger package would solve :-)

Absolutely great and I pray for the availability of a larger pack. Here you get a box with like 1/3 of a baggie in it and a few slices of chips in it. But! They are terribly chewy, terribly good, and maybe in the end it's a good thing there isn't a bigger package. I inhaled these standing up while unpacking my order 😁.

Excellent, just too small packaging 😢

Delicious, I will definitely order again - if they are in stock

super snack for a movie night


Extra crispy, not greasy :)

The package is more of a waste than a product to eat, the taste and texture is also no hit parade, for me a completely useless product, the classic Vilgain chips are 10x better.

For the price, really not🫣 it's a little bit, they are terribly thin and taste does not offend, it roasted sweet potatoes at home in the oven are better

Packing really very small for the money. Taste also disappointing.. it would like more flavor. Next time save on the box and add on quantity :)