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Hello, is this product suitable instead of Vigantol prescribed by a doctor, for a person over 55 years of age? Vigantol has an awkward once a week dosage and a bad dropper. Thank you for your reply. K.
Hello, is this product suitable for children aged 3 and up?
Hello, the recommended daily dose (2 drops) is one or two pumps?
Hello, I need to find out whether or not the K2 ingredient comes from soy or chickpeas. I have to avoid these foods for health reasons. Thanks!
Hello. When converted to the amount of active ingredient, this product comes out to me at about half the price of Vilgain D3 in tablets. And it has extra K2. Am I making a mistake in the calculation somewhere? - Tablets: 90 doses of 1000 IU for 240 CZK = 1000 IU for 2,6 CZK - drops: 150 doses of 1000 IU for 250 CZK = 1000 IU for 1,6 CZK
Hello, is this supplement suitable for athletes aged 12-13? Thank you Lukas.
Good day, the half dose of D3/K2 (1 drop) is suitable for children from 3 years of age. But are the other ingredients besides D3/K2 also suitable (not dangerous) for children from 3 years old? Thank you, pma
Hello, it says "expected in stock today", so I wanted to ask if it arrived for you :) thanks
Hello, is this the liposomal form of D3?
Hello, may I ask if I can take this supplement at 15 years of age at full dose? And for how long roughly does it last?